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Who We Are

     The Letters to Dad Foundation is a non-profit organization created to cultivate healthy and comforting spaces for grieving college students and faculty through support, understanding, and community. 

Our Purpose

     Grief is a part of life that leaves no person unscathed. Whether it's a parent, a pet, or an experience, we are all bereaving something. Inherently, this produces a need for community. Via podcast episodes, blog posts, in person or remote events, we aim to connect students and faculty through their shared experiences. Our goal is to remind every person that they never walk alone, even at their darkest moment. 

Our Founder


     Hannah Kreuziger, a second-year at the Oxford College of Emory University, founded The Letters to Dad Foundation in hopes to create community and promote healthful grieving for students and faculty alike. 

Special Thanks 


     The Letters to Dad Foundation would like to extend a special thank you to Rev. Dr. Lyn Pace, Dean Rev. Greg McGonigle, Dr. Gary Glass, the Emory Office of Student and Spiritual Life, the Emory Oxford Religious and Spiritual Life, and Rohini Guin for their amazing support, contributions, and passion to help others. 


*Disclaimer: The Letters to Dad Foundation is not affiliated with any specific religion or faith. 


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